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Have you ever wanted to have a health and wellness 'expert' recommend you to your patients? Do you have a need to fill your practice with new patients? Are you willing to make an investment in your practice that sees a average return on that investment of 10 to 1?

Well if you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, we have a solution for you.

For the better part of 20 years, Dr. Alan Rousso has traveled throughout North America delivering thousands of "Dinner Talks" for several hundred chiropractic offices.

Alan delivers passion, humor and chiropractic certainty in a persuasive, intimate setting. All while reinforcing the direct connection between chiropractic care and the value of a wellness-based lifestyle-with you, the doctor, as the provider of that care.

The success stories are voluminous, below is just a sample of the feedback from chiropractors who have brought Alan in to help them grow their practices and ultimately serve their communities at a higher level. All with a Patient Appreciation Dinner.

Additionally, you can combine a dinner talk with a complete in-office practice evaluation. How beneficial would it be having an expert evaluate your office procedures, your staff or even your office decor? Call us today to discuss how a Patient Appreciation Dinner can ignite your practice.

Below are a few samples of feedback from some of the many happy doctors that have benefited from Alan's Dinner Talks and office evaluations.


"if you want an unforgettable, massive education event, designed to stimulate and motivate old patients and new to the Chiropractic message. Consider this vehicle for practice success!"
- Carol Ann Malizia, D.C., C.C.S.P.
Newburgh, N.Y.

"Since this event I have reached several of my practice goals that have eluded me for two years. I am looking forward to my next Internal Dinner with you in October."
- Chris Outten, D.C.
Cary, N.C.

"The following week of practice, we had 20 new patients and another 12 the next week in a practice that usually averages 30 per month. Needless to say we had a record month. It is amazing what happens when you put that energy out there. I can't believe I dragged my feet on this for two years."
- Dave Kellenberger, D.C.
Memphis, Tenn.

"If you are serious about growing your practice and helping your community, this program needs to be part of your marketing plan."
- Eric Loewrigkeit, D.C.
Sparta, N.J.

"Almost all of the guests at the dinner became patients, I would have to say that this was a great investment in time and money. Every chiropractor should have at least one patient appreciation dinner per year with you as the guest speaker."
- George Gertner, D.C.
White Plains, N.Y.

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He then proceeded to tell us to write down everything we wanted as if it were already true...hence future diary.

I remember writing 5 things down that I really wanted, never thinking or believing that any of them would come true. All five did!

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In Their Own Words ...

"Alan's program is completely different and he has earned the title as being the 'best chiropractic coach from his peers.' His secret to success is that he is a master at identity based coaching which will help you develop insight, confidence and love. As you become more aware of who you are, you will effortlessly attract more people who align with your purpose.

Since beginning with Alan almost three years ago, I have consistently set practice records in almost every category month after month. This trend still continues in my third year.

My only recommendation for a personal consultant/life coach would be Alan Rousso."
—Joe Fanning, D.C.
Suwanee, Ga.
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