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Posted on 1/4/2013 by Alan Rousso
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In our last blog before the New Year, we discussed shift and crisis. While life can certainly bring a series of challenges, setbacks and a myriad of disappointments, life can also be quite wonderous, exciting and even mysterious! I mean outright bizarre!

Hopefully, you've written your goals, set your plans and are taking action steps to create something that you want. The mystery in the manifestation of all this is time!

How many of us do, in fact, write our goals, set our plans and take massive action steps, only to find that the goals we seek have not yet come to fruition?! The key word here is yet! Please remember that there are no unrealistic goals...just unrealistic time frames! Easy to say, much harder to accept.

While reading book after book, and listening to CD after CD, the message is almost always the same. Set your intention (the goal), give it attention (read them regularly) and then just wait! What??? For how long???
That's the trick, and it's a paradox! You can have the desire, however, you cannot have any attachment to the desire. Why is this you ask? Because everyone wants what they want, when they want it, and if it doesn't appear in OUR time frame, then it creates the negative emotions...fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, it! These emotions do not bring us closer, only further away.

When we let go and stop pushing and remember to keep pulling, then incredible change can take place...and it can take place in an instant!

Hold on to your dreams...they can come true!

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Future Diary
In 1983, Mark Victor Hansen came to a Markson Management Services seminar and handed everyone a book with nothing in it. He called it Future Diary.

He then proceeded to tell us to write down everything we wanted as if it were already true...hence future diary.

I remember writing 5 things down that I really wanted, never thinking or believing that any of them would come true. All five did!

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