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Posted on 8/9/2013 by Alan Rousso
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Many years ago, a seminar speaker started with the following quote, "There are only two things you can do when there's something in your life that's not working. Keep it the same and complain, and the other is change it!"
He also went on to say that eighty percent of people would rather keep it the same and complain! I've done this...what about you?

We all have great reasons not changing and our stories are magnificent, creative and convincing! The purpose of this blog is to make a distinction between a shift and change because keeping it the same and complaining just doesn't cut it after a while! Change occurs over time. A shift is something that changes right now!

If you happen to smoke and want to stop smoking and make the decision to stop, most people will wean themselves slowly off the habit. However, if that same person went for a check-up, only to discover that something more serious is developing unless smoking stops immediately, that person literally stops...that moment!

Shift happens! It can happen faster than you can imagine...and imagining is the start! What's the dream?

How many of you have experienced a dramatic shift in your life once you were clear on the vision and made the decision to take action...any action?!

A certain expectation emerges and energy shifts immediately...therefore your outer experiences!
New clients often exclaim that their businesses grow...even before we start! What's that called? Anticipation??? Energy???
Watch your thoughts! Imagine often!

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"Every once in a while you meet someone who makes such an impact in your life that you are forever changed. For me that person was Dr. Alan Rousso. The minute I met Alan I knew that he had the ability to facilitate growth in my life and that is exactly what he did. Alan helped me to see my life through different eyes and to shift my perspective. He took me out of my comfort zone and into my growth zone. Alan Rousso is a phenomenal coach who has a burning desire to assist others in continued growth and that is exactly what he does. Coaching with Alan will put you on the fast track for success, so get ready and hold on tight!"
—Dr. Martha Nessler
Springfield, Ill.
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