Three Types of Problems
Posted on 7/7/2012 by Alan Rousso
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Did you know there are three different ways to address problems? The first way is to avoid confronting the problem! Are you wondering why your practice isn't growing the way you would like? Do you have paperwork sitting on your desk that you are putting off for another day? This is only one example of a toleration that takes up your energy because you are in concern...and if you're in concern, you're not an influence key!

The second way to confront a problem is to handle the problem. A problem comes your way and you meet it head on, take the necessary action steps and come to a resolution.  The only difficulty with this approach is that there are always other problems heading your way!

The third way to confront a problem is to LOOK for problems! Why wait to be reactive when you can be proactive and head the problem off at the pass?! You know this to be true with your office systems, employees or even with your own personal and professional challenges.

Why is this important? Everything about you and your surroundings is about your energy! Make a list of all the things you've been putting off and tackle them ASAP.  Do nothing what happens to your attraction!
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He then proceeded to tell us to write down everything we wanted as if it were already true...hence future diary.

I remember writing 5 things down that I really wanted, never thinking or believing that any of them would come true. All five did!

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