Three Magic Words
Posted on 2/1/2013 by Alan Rousso
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If you're in business, you have the opportunity to serve and help people in a variety of ways...It doesn't matter if you're a health care professional, a banker, real estate agent or whatever else aligns with your life purpose. As long as you’re aligned, life flows in a more positive way. If there's interference, obstacles seem to claim the spotlight! Don't you wish they'd just get off the stage?!

Have you noticed that some people are just on the cusp of accepting your recommendation or you're about to close the sale, but there always seems to be one more objection! Have you also noticed that the more you try to prove your point, the more the client or patient seem to go the other way...opportunity lost...for both of you!

In today's society, social acceptance plays a very large role in helping to formulate opinions about a specific subject or outcome also known as social proof. This is your opportunity to utilize three magic words! Let's examine this closer!

The two major objections that most entrepreneurs face are time and/or money. We can give a very logical answer, but logic doesn't solve an emotional issue, however, sometimes an outside perspective can create a greater social influence...hence; the three magic words...FEEL...FELT...FOUND.

Patient/Client: I just don't have the money.
Doctor/Employer:  John, a lot of people FEEL the way that you feel.  In fact, I just had a new patient/client in this morning that FELT exactly the way that you do!  And what he FOUND out was that we have several different payment programs available so that you can get the care that you need and deserve! Let's clarify your options and go from that fair? Invariably, you will increase the odds of acceptance regarding money. Now what about time?

Patient/Client:   I just don't have the time. Doctor/Employer:  Mary, a lot of people FEEL the way that you feel.  In fact, I just had a new patient/client in this morning that FELT exactly the way that you do! And what she found out was that we have flexible morning and evening hours designed to accommodate most people's busy schedules! Let's find out what times are best for you and go from that fair?

Notice the pattern? Utilizing social proof as a means of increasing your batting average will help people get the services they need while providing you with the confidence to handle the objections that come with owning a business!

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