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Posted on 10/7/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Have you ever played Ping-Pong in your brain? Have you ever asked yourself, "What will happen if I do this instead of that?" This thought pattern can cause tremendous stress in your life. Unless you believe in crystal balls or tarot cards, making the "right" decision is almost never a sure thing. There is something you can do that will greatly increase the odds of you making the better choice!

As human beings we were born with two halves of the brain. Some people are left brain dominant, which means that logic, analysis, and thinking rules. People that tend to be more left brain dominant tend to make lists of the pros and cons of the choice that is about to made! If there are more pros than cons to the situation that confronts you, then the tendency is go forward with the decision that favors the pros! That was easy! 

There are also people that are more right brain dominant. People who tend to utilize more of their right brain utilize more creative thinking, intuition, and their feelings.  While all of us are some of each, many have a true dominant hemisphere which also influences the way we think, make decisions and, of course, take action. Right brain thinkers just feel that their decision is correct!  A knowing the decision is correct takes over and right brain people are also willing to practice time and patience as the outcome is already in process. 

Focus your attention on supporting yourself for having made your best choice. Going back and forth and playing Ping-Pong again about what could have been, should have been, if only I'd of done this, what will happen if I do this or I do that, will only keep you more stuck!!!

Using logic alone can give you a fifty-fifty chance of making the "right" decision. Experience may have shown you that using your intuition and your feelings, that these odds shifted to eighty-twenty ... in your favor!

Chances are that if you can think, act and  live as if that choice were already in your life and great feelings accompany the thoughts of the outcome; that is your best choice!

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