The Wheel
Posted on 5/31/2013 by Alan Rousso
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What if there was a way to find out what the different areas of your life look like for you to view objectively? Well, there is!
Draw a circle. Now, place seven spokes in the circle so that it represents or looks like a wheel. Next, label the seven spokes with the following categories:
1. Physical, 2. Mental, 3. Sprititual, 4. Emotional, 5. Professional, 6. Financial and 7. Social.

Once you've placed and labeled the spokes, here comes the fun part. Ask yourself, "On a scale of 1-10, how do I feel about each of these areas of my life?!"
If your life is great on a specific spoke, give yourself an eight, nine, or ten and plot a dot on the spoke closer to the edge of the wheel.
If you're feeling a little low about one of the areas of your life, then give yourself a lower number and plot the dot closer to the center or hub of the wheel.

Once you've given yourself an assessment of each area of your life and have plotted the dots on your wheel, connect all the dots!
If your diagram looks more like a circle or a wheel, then life is probably flowing fairly smoothly for you, however, if your diagram looks more like an amoeba, then you may want to more closely examine the areas of your life that are not working as well for you and ask yourself a question.

If there areas of my life that are working well, how did I attract that?
And if there are areas of my life that are not working as well, how did I attract that?!

Periodically, re-examine your wheel to see how the diagrams compare and whether your wheel is beginning to look more like a circle, or has areas where your wheel is flat!
This exercise will give you a broader perspective on what you can do to "flow" more easily and smoothly!
Its fun, effective and eye opening!

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