The Touchstone
Posted on 5/14/2011 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Personal Growth

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy man who had everything in life... the love of his family, abundant wealth, health and happiness...

One day a stranger was passing through and told the man a story about the was a magical stone that could bring everything a man or woman could desire... power and riches far beyond the imagination of most people that were living at that time.

That evening, the man did not sleep well... his thoughts were consumed with more...more wealth, more power... more! The next day, he approached the stranger that visited his land and asked, "Where do I find this Touchstone?" The stranger replied that it was on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea and he would know it is the Touchstone because most stones are cold to the touch... but the Touchstone would be WARM to the touch!

And so the man set out to find this incredible stone known as the Touchstone!

Once he arrived on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, he saw that there were miles and miles of stones... hundreds and thousands of them... so he picked one up and it was cold to the touch and he threw it into the sea. He picked up another stone... it was cold to the touch and threw it into the sea.

For hours, days, weeks and months, the man would pick up a stone, it would be cold to the touch and he would throw it into the sea, he would pick up another stone, it would be cold to the touch and he would throw it into sea.

Years later, the man was depressed and depraved, tired and sick, yet his desire for power and wealth continued to drive him to pick up a stone, it was cold to the touch, and he threw it into the sea... he picked up another stone... it was WARM to the touch... and he threw it... into the sea...


Give gratitude for what you have...create habits of love and appreciation for what you do and who you are... and take action that align with both your values and goals... simply because you love and enjoy doing it! Then just watch!

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