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Posted on 3/12/2011 by Alan Rousso

“Is it easier to protect the health you have or recover the health you’ve lost?"
Love: Brad

The question you posed will most likely take place when a patient begins to notice their symptoms going away. Do I have that right Brad? Why do chiropractors find themselves asking this question to their patients you may ask? This is because the vast majority of patients have learned that symptoms equal a problem and no symptoms equal no problem! It is not uncommon for the patient to wonder if there is a need to return when, in fact, their symptoms are gone!

Please note Brad, that while this may not be the outcome that many chiropractors seek, there are also practicing DC’s that absolutely adhere to the philosophy that once the pain is gone, they are dismissed, and should a “problem” re-occur, they are welcome to return to handle the problem. 

Is it any wonder that the public is confused over what chiropractic is, and what it is not? This is extremely apparent to DC’s who receive a patient from another DC and the comparison begins…my DC did or did not do this… my DC did or did not charge me for this… my DC said I only needed this… most of you can relate to this example completely!

Let’s return now to the original question…”Is it easier to protect the health you have or recover the health you’ve lost?” The real question is, “What is health to the individual you are speaking to?” For many people, working a regular shift, 5-6 days a week, getting little to no exercise, eating fast food on the run, watching the news and going to bed is a reality, especially when you add that the individual may be smoking a pack a cigarettes a day, having 1-2 beers a day or more, has their “normal” headache 1-2 times per week…and this is normal and fairly healthy to them because their friends, family and co-workers are experiencing the exact same things! They take a few aspirin, Tylenol or Advil, feel better and they think they’re healthy…true?

This is why the expressions on many patients’ faces are absolutely priceless when you tell them the truth about health… what it is and what it’s not! Some patients react with a thank you… I never knew this and so very appreciate you enlightening me, while others look at you like you’re a creature from another planet!

The key then Brad, is to position your office to be a reflection of exactly what you believe! Then, it’s a matter of aligning your protocols and procedures, forms, paperwork, daily conversation, consultation, report of findings, re-examination, health care class, etc…are ALL in alignment so that the question never begs itself in the first place!

As Albert Einstein stated, “you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it!”

So Brad, let’s go back to basics! Look at your entrance examination procedures, look at your paperwork, listen to your consultation and report of findings and ask yourself the question first, “How long would I go to me?” 

P.S., You already know the answer… it’s your PVA! That is, on average, the number of office visits that a patient chooses to return for care for 1 of 3 reasons… to remove pain and say good-bye, to follow through on a care program because a desired result can be obtained that benefits that patient, or a complete understanding of why Chiropractic check-ups, and adjustments, are an integral part of a wellness lifestyle that pays dividends for years to come… physically, mentally and spiritually! Good health has never cost… it always pays…

Please have your patients read “Discover Wellness…How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich”!

Hope this helped!

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