The Growing Technique
Posted on 3/19/2011 by Alan Rousso
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When a chiropractor calls a coach or consultant, it’s usually for one of two reasons…to help grow a practice... or to help grow themselves!

As you look at the variety of advertisements for products, ideas or seminars in the various chiropractic magazines, newspapers or articles, you’re probably scanning and searching for ways to help you grow.

If you’re frustrated, angry, fearful or just plain “burned out,” it’s not because of the managed care environment, the attorneys, the patients or your technique…it’s probably because you’re not growing your practice or things are just not going your way.

There is a search in the chiropractic marketplace for ways “to do” things better in order to grow a practice. Chiropractors and their staff seek the seminars, procedures, books, tapes and technology to improve their practices, help more people and make better lives for their families and themselves. Sounds like doing things better should be the solution, right?

The doctor would be a better technician by taking more technique seminars, the procedures would be newer and more efficient by reading more books, listening to more tapes and having both the doctor and staff follow all the rules, and the practice will grow and everybody will live happily ever after. The answer to this is… sometimes!

Proper procedure, good technique, an excellently trained staff and good communication skills along with improved technology, a great attitude and, of course, a good location, should be enough of the ingredients to insure a successful practice experience... and I wish it were too!

However, most of the chiropractors I speak with have most, if not all, of the aforementioned qualities and are still searching for an even greater level of success, happiness and fulfillment. Yes, procedure can always be firmed up, attitudes can always be better (especially with the doctor), and improvements can be made… but the focus is almost always… on the outside.

When do you ever hear chiropractors and their staff say things like, “Our practice is down… maybe it’s because we’re down?” or, “People are asking a lot about our fees lately and maybe it’s because we’re focused on getting instead of giving?” or even, “Patients are canceling like crazy today, what are we focusing on?”

You never really hear people, (yes, chiropractors and CA’s are people), take responsibility for what goes on around them. You “normally” hear blame, judgment, criticism, anger, fear and even apathy about the circumstances, people, places and things that create those feelings.

There is, thank goodness, a growing understanding that you are responsible for everything that goes on in your life. That’s a big chunk to swallow for some people who are sure that it’s not the inside that determines results, but in fact, it’s luck, or a good location, or “they” were born with a silver spoon in their mouth…all reasons that point to the outside instead of taking the responsibility to identify the areas of your life that can be improved.

Therefore, the title of this article, “A Growing Technique,” has nothing to do with chiropractic technique, or marketing, or PVA skills, or anything else on the outside. It has to do with you! If someone were to share this information with me a number of years ago, I probably would have scoffed and laughed and indeed, pointed to the “reasons” that this couldn’t be…so I understand!

Chiropractors and their staff that are utilizing, reading, learning and studying the true nature of “cause and effect” are growing! The cause is YOU, and the effects are the outside circumstances that surround and support your life and your lifestyle.

The growth is personal when you have the willingness to accept responsibility that it is you. It is “all” a reflection of you and so the effect must also be professional, meaning a happier, more affluent, more productive and more fun-filled practice experience.

Hopefully, these words on a page will begin to awaken what you’ve always known to be true – that you are already successful, happy, and healthy. Chiropractors don’t give their patients health, but remove the interference for health to be expressed. No one can give you success, but someone can help you remove the interference that is preventing your success from being expressed in just the right way, at just the right time and exactly the way you want it. 

It is learnable, you can accomplish your goals, and it is the most effective, most productive means of providing you with…a growing technique.

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