The Four Paths
Posted on 1/27/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Leadership Philosophy Personal Growth

Life is interesting. Just when you think you have it all figured out, something or someone is put into your life that changes everything ... in an instant! Sometimes we label this thing good and other times we label it bad.  We search for achievement, acknowledgment, happiness, health and approval, when what we really all want is peace. Think about this for just a moment. 

There are four paths that can help you achieve presence, peace or what others call "enlightenment". It's simply a state of mind that doesn't cause you to freak out, panic, or behave in ways that just don't do anything to change the situation for the better.  We all have these moments, but how long do you stay there?

 1. Meditation -  When performed consistently, meditation brings a little tranquility or peace into the moment.  As you continue this practice, these little moments begin to accumulate in your nervous system and this state becomes more recognizable and therefore, you are able to call it to attention.
 2. Communing with Nature -  Take a walk at a beach or a mountain top, hold hands with someone you love as you window shop ... what state of being comes to mind? You already know.
 3. Practicing Silence -  If you've ever been alone for an extended period of time, you've probably noticed how much chatter goes on in your head.  You probably also noticed that after a while, the chatter began to slow down or cease, and more presence was noticed or available to you.  With so much in our lives, practicing silence is not always easy.
 4. Non-Judgment -  Don't label anything.  Sounds ridiculous, eh? Good, bad, right, wrong, up, down, left, right, big, small, etc.  We all have them, yet, becoming more aware of how they affect our thoughts and experiences can shift your behavior much more quickly ... more effortlessly.

Life is full of twists and turns.  Hopefully, one of these paths will help you navigate your path with more ease!
All My Best.

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