The Circle of Life
Posted on 5/11/2012 by Alan Rousso
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Years and years ago, men and women slaved to earn a meager existence.  Samuel was one of those men. He was a laborer, cutting stones from the mountain in the hot tropical sun and wishing he had a different lot in life. 

As he gazed upon the people in the valley, there was a rich, clothing merchant approaching with a fine white horse and a very stylish carriage. Oh how he wished that he could be that man! All of a sudden...POOF! He was that man!

"How wonderful!!!” cried Samuel, "How can this be???”  As Samuel was galloping along with his beautiful white horse and his new fine carriage, a loud trumpeter signaled for everyone to get out of the way for the king was approaching!

The king had a much bigger carriage and six white horses! All of a sudden, Samuel was not happy anymore. He thought, "Now, if I could only be the king, yes, then I would want for nothing else! After all, I would be king!" And POOF...he was king!  OMG...this is unreal! I am the king!

As he waved to the people in the street, the people were not paying attention to the king.  They were looking up at the sun and praying to their god.  Samuel became disgruntled and muttered to himself, "Yes, now, if I were the sun, well, then everyone would pay attention to me!" And again it happened...Samuel was the sun!

Now he had the attention of all the people in the village and across the lands! He was the center of attention and admired by all. The people were looking up at the sky and he could hear their chants...Please, please Sun god, please go away...our crops desperately need rain or our people will die from starvation!

Samuel again was unhappy.  The people were praying for rain! He must be the cloud that brings rain to his people so their crops can survive! As he centered his attention upon being a cloud, POOF...Samuel was the cloud!

Now Samuel was happy! He could bring precious rain to his people...but there was an obstacle! The mountain was in his way! No matter how hard he tried, he could not pass the mountain! Samuel cried out, "I must be this mountain...I must be this mountain!" Being a cloud was nothing compared to this mountain that would last until the end of time! And sure enough...Samuel became the mountain.

As Samuel gazed down upon his people laboring upon the mountain, he saw how each stone was carefully carved to create homes, schools, places of worship, and to bring his people together for a purpose.  That purpose was to create a better life for all.  Samuel wept and realized that what he wanted, he had had all along. Oh how he longed to be back with his people!

As Samuel opened his eyes after sobbing profusely, he gazed upon his feet, looked up at his hands, and breathed a sigh of relief! He was Samuel, the laborer, again!

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