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Posted on 7/16/2011 by Alan Rousso

You're probably reading this article to determine the best strategies for your practice to grow¦ do you think there is only one answer or one way of doing things? 

It used to be so easier to do consulting.  A client or member would ask a question, like, "how do I do a consultation" or, "what information should I include in my Report of Findings?"  There was one strategy, one way of doing things, so do it this way and the members did!  Guess what? Twenty percent of the members received terrific results, sixty percent received OK results, and twenty percent received not so OK results.  Did the strategy work? Depends on who you asked!  

For the greater majority of the clients, you can make the argument that the strategy worked since some type of improvement was displayed in their practices that resulted in something to make the client happier¦i.e. more patients, better compliance, more money, or even more fulfillment.  

However, times have changed, people have changed and there is a shift that has taken place in Chiropractic and in the world.  People are no longer just doing things because someone said to¦people will do the things that align with their values and goals! So, let's start with the answer to the question, "What are the most -Successful Office Strategies?"  The answer is, "the ones that align with your values and goals!" 

Let's create some contrast to bring this comment into focus!  Do you believe that the strategies, communication, materials, ambiance and attitude toward Chiropractic is exactly the same for the practitioner whose goal is to remove pain and dismiss the patient vs. a subluxation or wellness based practitioner? Neither is correct or incorrect¦each serve patients in their own unique way and neither is to be judged or criticized¦however, the consciousness, the forms, the procedures and strategies will be completely different¦this begs the question, "Which strategy is right for you?"  The answer is, "What is your major focus and purpose for your practice and what are you currently doing that are aligning with that purpose vs. taking you further away?" 

One of the most important office strategies that you can develop is the consultation!  First impressions, although always not correct, are the ones that tend to last!  Here are three different consultations¦ choose the one that most aligns for you:   

Hi Mr. /Mrs. Patient| Great to see you today.  What seems to be the problem?" or, "How can I help you?" How long have you been suffering with this problem?" What seems to make it better/worse?"  Is the pain better or worse during the day/night?" "Is there any radiation of the pain?"  "Do you feel better/worse lying down, sitting or standing?"  Okay, the purpose of today is to see if we can help you" ¦or, in other words, to see if you are a Chiropractic case.  if you are, we'll tell you, and if you're not I'll tell you that too. Fair?  

Anyway, you get the picture! Question: if you were the patient, what is the focus of this practice (intentionally, or even, unintentionally)? It's to remove pain!  Is it any wonder that the greater majority of patients will identify this office as someone who can help them with their condition? Plenty of Chiropractic offices offer a similar consultation and attract dozens of new patients into their offices and are quite pleased with this office strategy, but some are not!  

For those practitioners that want to get a more "subluxation-based" approach, you still may want to address some of the PQRST questions and add some additional information to shift perspective!  For example: Mr. /Mrs. Patient: tell me again, how long have you been suffering with this problem?"  "Why don't you think your body has been able to heal itself over this amount of time?"  "Were you aware that your body is self-healing and self-regulating?" "What system of the body is responsible for all this?"  

Regardless of the patient's response, the answer is always the spine and nervous system, and you can quote right out of Grey's anatomy!  The purpose of the spine and nervous system is to control and coordinate every single system, organ and tissue in the body, so, if something were interfering with your nervous system, or, something was interfering with your body's ability to heal itself, would you be healthier, or sicker? The answer is easy, sicker! Then make an emphatic statement. Chiropractors remove nerve interference!  

So, the object of today is to see if nerve interference is contributing to your problem and whether Chiropractic can help you.  We're also going to determine whether that interference has caused any changes or damage to the surrounding structures of your nervous system known as your spine! We will also find out where those changes and damage might be, as well as, how MUCH change or damage there might be?  Do you have any questions?

Notice the shift that this consultation has provided: you've gone from a completely pain-based model to now associating the implication of the spine and nervous system into the consultation!   

Remember, regardless how you choose to practice, make sure your office strategies align with you purpose, vision and mission: you'll be happier, more congruent, and get better results!

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