Structure and Function
Posted on 5/28/2011 by Alan Rousso
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As a chiropractor, you'd probably agree that the focus of what we do is to remove interference... both structurally and functionally so that the body can express what is already inherent in all of us... health! Some chiropractors believe that structure affects function... others believe that function influences structure... either way, there is no argument that the two are inter-related... that there is a cause and effect... and that health can be expressed because both components have been "adjusted" in one way shape or form, and the patient benefits in far more ways than we can even imagine... physically... emotionally... and spiritually!

Did you ever think that there are structural and functional components to your practice?

There are two basic components to any business... but chiropractors can relate to this comparison far more easily!

The structural components of practice are your procedures, your ROF, your consultation, your team and the way you "do" all things. Naturally, this is the component that most people see because it's tangible, it has form, it allows your office to do business. 

What about the functional component of practice? That's you! That's your beliefs, your philosophy, your feelings, your confidence, your ability to communicate... both verbally and non-verbally, and this is the energy and vibration that people feel and either align or do not align with you and/or your practice philosophy, concepts and ideas.

For more people to "align" with you and your practice, doesn't it make sense to make sure your practice is aligned first?! Do your procedures, communication skills, staff, beliefs, philosophy, etc., all match and work harmoniously together to create one clear unmistakable reality?...that health is expressed when there is no interference... structurally and/or functionally! The same is true about you and your practice!

Practice is a struggle when you are struggling with these answers. While there are always challenges in business and in life, your attitude, energy and confidence in how you look at these challenges will either be stepping stones to your next level of success, or they will be stumbling blocks to what you really want and deserve.

We have all experienced this...

Fear holds tight... Love let's go... Open your hand and your heart... answers are available!

21 Years of Consulting Experience for your Practice (The Structural Component)
Personal Certified Coaching for Your Life (The Functional Component)
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