So... You want to know what happened at Cal Jam?
Posted on 2/21/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Most of you are aware that an incredible Chiropractic event took place this past weekend in Cosa Mesa, Calif. called Cal Jam! It is run by a passionate, principled, energetic, on purpose chiropractor...Dr. Billy DeMoss, with his right hand Dr. Brad Glowaki, and an unbelievable list of speakers! If you don't know what I'm talking about...then you may want to consider putting the date on your priority list for next year...! This was my first event and I had no idea what to expect. 

For the people that were there...thank you! Great to see such a passionate group of chiropractors blending philosophy, science and art, rock and roll (the band was great and Billy plays guitar) and most of all ...Love!!! If you want to know what happened, I could write a novel, so instead, I thought I would share my notes with everyone...from my perspective...

Cal Jam Notes...


The first speaker was Dr. Tim O'Shea...went thru all the statistics of "evidence based" science of medicine in a terrific satire while combining Chiropractic philosophy... We are number 44 for infant Tim said, " we are fatter, sicker and dumber! Turns out that our best science is corroborating both D.D & B.J's philosophy! What a great start!

Next up...Dr. Deed Harrison...CBP expert...7 Chiropractic colleges now teach this technique...his focus was on postural distortions! Adjusting, exercise and traction.

The size of the subluxation correlated to the severity of the symptoms! Great scientific lecture and substantiation with the research from the Kado papers! Case history reviews and results - Awesome!

Dr. Liz Peacock...Starts with "every child deserves to be checked"! A clinical approach to pediatric adjusting...specificity! Observation through our eyes, ears & hands! Challenged the audience to improve adjusting technique! You could feel the love emanating from her heart... 

Dr. Dean DePice...Let's get clear on the first to understand, so you can be understood! Sick posture equals a sick life! Train others to see posture! Philosophy and science are inseparable. 4 steps to the ideal adjustment...1. Greet... 2. Adjust, and shut up! (you know I liked that part!) 3. Educate and Inspire 4. Hope. Assess, communicate and adjust! Great finish to a spectacular morning! 

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini...starting off the afternoon...asks the question...what can we do to grow 10%? We know the answer...we get distracted! We've got to change our health paradigm! The paradigm is our challenge. Focus on purpose! Trust in Chiropractic... It works! Follow your own committed to something greater than's up to us to get our message to the do you respond to your circumstances?! inspiring! 

Dr. Gerald Clum...compares old school thinking to new thinking about Chiropractic and cervical adjustments...instead of a causation theory for potential an associative understanding of what walks through your door in the first place! A patient had a greater chance of stroke seeing their primary health care provider than a chiropractor...incredible. There is no excess risk!!! So much information yet so clear about the power of Chiropractic as experienced through his eyes...literally!!! 

Dr. Joe Borio...talking philosophy and an absolute powerhouse! Asks the audience with a pic of an antalgic patient....what do you see? You're a conversation away from changing your practice and your life! Own the principles and communicate it! Create the practice in your mind...the rest will happen! Saw 627 a day! He is on purpose! The 30 second drill...educate! How different would the world be if there was no D.D.? What if everyone was adjusted? Great questions!!! 

Dr. Patrick Gentempo...We're underperforming! You can bring it! Title of his talk...DC's wanting to give drugs and other brainless ideas! That about says it!

Another great philosophy talk...with science! Life and mind cannot be described by a mechanistic model... Only with a vitalistic model. 73% of off-label drugs lack evidence of clinical effectiveness! Unreal! People are literally dying from drugs! Statistics just want to make you scream the message of what we have! What is your premise??? It's time to play big!!! Patrick shows us how it's done!!!

What a day!!!


Dr. Mike Reid...A principle is the way you run your life. Gave the audience 18 secrets to success! What is the legacy you want to leave in this life? Share the vision! Turn your fear into fuel. When the voice on the inside is greater than the voice on the outside, that's when you've mastered your life! Create a mastermind or find a mentor! Find a way to get more...give more! Finished with a great video...The Power of One!!!

Dr. C.J Mertz...Is there anything really holding you back? Find the way to move forward. Emphasizes the intelligence of the universe...and in us! Health problems come from a power problem! The nervous system is the conduit for the power of life! 100,000 chemical reactions occur every second in your cells! A physical paradigm patient gets a body adjustment...a power adjustment patient understands the "reason" for the adjustment! Great distinctions!!

Dr. Troy Dukowitz...asks the question... What does this information mean to me? Are your actions congruent to produce the results that you want? Ask your patients, "What is a subluxation?" Go back to basics...When values are clear, decisions are easy! When stress goes up, we resort to old behaviors! It's time to come together! Yep!

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser...B.J. Palmer was an expert marketer! And, he was in to success! We need more successful chiropractors! You're supposed to be having fun...great reminder! Find ways to stay connected to your patients! Wrap the package...dress for success. Shows us the power of video testimonials! Say what needs to be said in as few words as possible! Thank you!!! 

Dr.'s Billy DeMoss & Brad Glowaki...A conversation about health care...if you have "it"...share it! Have faith in you and believe in yourself! We have a perfect message..which gives us permission to be imperfect! Take bits and pieces from everyone in chiropractic and make it your own. We need more people under chiropractic care to create a paradigm shift! Get out of the office and tell the story!

Dr. Brad Glowaki...The will of your innate intelligence will never push you past the grace of universal intelligence! Shows the difference between health care vs. sick care! All learning occurs through the subconscious mind. If you want to broaden your practice...narrow your scope! Brad tells his story how he started to lecture in elementary schools to turn on kids...and their families! It aligned with one of his goals to create more chiropractors! 60-90% of doctor visits are stress-related!

Passionate speaker and great information!!!

Dr. Fred Schofield...can you handle defeat...when you should have won? " I will die...but I will get that goal." Great start!!! Most important thing...get healthy! Get into shape. God helps those...that move! If you can dream can do it! The practice of your dreams is below the surface of, confidence and belief! You can't have a subluxation below the atlas, unless you have a subluxation above the atlas! Nothing is going to move unless you move! Awesome talk!!!

Dr. Billy DeMoss...Don't take yourself too seriously! You come from 2 be 70 trillion cells... It knows what it's doing!!! Just tell your patients that! The man who is right and KNOWS he is right has no need for argument. "Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it...OMG! You have to smile and be ready to receive...he is so on purpose...driven!!! The more you tell the story...the bigger your practice gets!

What a weekend...have they given you enough to think about???

Be there next year!!!


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