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Posted on 4/26/2013 by Alan Rousso
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When was the last time you examined a patient? Regardless of how you practice, you probably did what you always do, and, you probably do it quite well!
The only problem here is that the patient may not know what you're doing!

While speaking with clients, examinations include orthopedic, neurological and physical evaluations, and may also include scans, postural evaluations and palpation, etc.
How many of you do your examinations and then write down the results of your tests? or, enter them on your IPAD, computer station or travel card?

This is all good, except for one thing! The patient doesn't really know what you've done!!!

Have you ever considered having a CA in the room or buying a tape recorder and having it with you in the examination room?!
With the help of a CA or the tape recorder, you never have to take your hands off your patient!
You simply call out the tests, which not only saves you time, but also educates your patients to the vast wealth of information you have!

Imagine this: Physical examination of Mrs. Judy Smith will begin with cervical ranges of motion. Right rotation is 60 degrees...left rotation is 50 degrees...some limitation to the left is noted!
If you were the patient, what do you hear???

Well, you don't hear ah um...ah um...ah um...ah ah...ok...etc.
What if you did this throughout your entire examination?!
Do you think your compliance, understanding and respect would increase from your patients???
How much more efficient and effective would your first impression be?
Show them...and tell them!

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