Shift or Crisis
Posted on 12/14/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Philosophy Personal Growth

In September of 1981, I attended a personal development seminar and heard a famous guest speaker by the name of Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. He had become one of the few life insurance salesman to sell over a million dollars worth of policies to clients; a very impressive achievement for that time!

While he was speaking, he mentioned two things I never forgot: The first one was, "There are only two things that will change your life!" One is a shift in your perspective. You can shift your perspective from the people you meet or the books you read. The other one that can change your life is a crisis!

While no one would advocate bringing crisis into your life, life happens. If you're progressing in the various aspects of your life, setting goals, and are basically happy, then you probably realize that you're adapting and changing (shifting) along the way! It's great when we're in this pattern!

However, if you're noticing that you're stuck, personally and/or professionally, and you ignore or fail to seek a shift in your current perspective, then a crisis of some kind is likely to occur! Please know, crisis can be a very good certainly has been for me...just not something I recommend!

The second thing Charlie "Tremendous" Jones taught me was that money doesn't make you just makes you less miserable! Depending upon your perspective, you'll agree or disagree! Ponder that one for a bit.

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