Seven Disciplines
Posted on 7/21/2012 by Alan Rousso
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Have you noticed that when you place yourself on a discipline; whether it is an exercise program, a project, or any other goal you've set for yourself, you like yourself better! Why is this important? You already know!

Any of the following disciplines can be utilized to enhance feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, however, when you combine these seven elements together, the results can be very powerful! Guy Riekeman has accomplished incredible things from this one step alone! Ask him his story!

Whether coaching takes place with a Chiropractor or any other type of business person, the first change that is easiest to notice is having a client get motivated to do any form of exercise! It doesn’t matter if it’s a musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular or a stretching program.  Clients notice a shift in their feelings, emotions and energy.

Next, try reading anything inspirational, motivational, philosophical or educational.  Spending even a few minutes can change your consciousness significantly! Change in you occurs from the people you meet and the books you read!

Third, connect with your spirituality again.  Meditate, chant, pray! The peace within you will grow and help with the constant chatter and noise that keeps us all from being and doing more!

Four and Five work together! They are affirmations and visualizations which change your beliefs! Change your beliefs and you change your world! Do you know how to create your own powerful affirmations? Do you do them?

Six is set goals in all areas of your life! Choose your top three...ask yourself if they are short or long term? Remember, there are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames!

Lastly, number Seven, are plans! You know the expression, "If you're failing to plan, you're planning to fail!"

Start with one of the disciplines that vibrate with you best. Add one or two after a little time has passed for you to want to do what happens!

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