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Posted on 10/21/2011 by Alan Rousso
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How many people wake up each morning and do an affirmation?  I mean you're either waking up and saying,  "Good morning God!", or you're waking up saying, "Good God, its morning." When this was first introduced to me, I literally scoffed and said, "What's THAT going to do to help me become successful?"  At the time, I didn't know that it is much more difficult, if not impossible, to be, do, and have all that you desire without it. 
An affirmation is the mental seed which consists of a directed thought! Couple this with a specific image known as visualization and you will cultivate that thought as it grows toward fruition. This is known as the Energizing Process!

Write down your affirmation because it will move out of fantasy and begin to feel and look more real.  State the affirmation in the positive while bringing it more powerfully into your life.  An affirmation should not be an essay but it does need to be specific!

You will never have all the information you’ll need but continue to look forward.  Knowing the what is much more important than knowing the how. The how will reveal itself to you! You are in charge of your own destiny and it is an evolutionary process.  There are no mistakes!  There is just feedback as to what you value in your life ... though not always pleasant!

The affirmation needs to be magnetic.  The more the language of the affirmation excites you, the more it engages your passion and energy.  The greater the passion, the more it will command your attention and belief.

The affirmation needs to be stated as if it already exists.  "I am or I have", which plants your mental seed so that it can grow. What we hold in our thoughts we create.

State the affirmation in the 1st and 3rd person.  I am and Mary is. Keep the affirmation on the growing edge and make it appear on the edge of possibility.  It has to be enough of a stretch to excite you. Last week we reviewed both the left and right brain and the strengths and weaknesses of both spheres. The right brain is more visual and the left brain is more logical! You want to make sure both components are a match!

We build gradually!  Creating an affirmation is an art.  It is the place where the insight you have gained from the psychological and spiritual self-awareness. Your experience equals the skill you have attained through these affirmations and visualizations and how this has affected your life up through this point in time. Set up a specific time of your day and night and just do it! Remember, knowing the way is not going the way!

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