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Most chiropractors would agree that the best new patients are the ones that are referred from other great patients... the only problem is, "How to get more great new patients and how to stimulate referrals!?" When a dialogue takes place in the adjusting room, many chiropractors fall into the trap of meeting the patient where they are, instead of the chiropractor leading the patient toward the consciousness and purpose that the chiropractor often has... yet sometimes fails to express!

Here's a typical example: A patient walks into your office excited that the back pain that has plagued them for so many years is finally gone! Both the chiropractor and the patient are ecstatic and the chiropractor recognizes that this is a perfect opportunity to do a referral concept... after all... SATISFIED PATIENTS DON'T REFER... ENTHUSIASTIC PATIENTS REFER!

So, the chiropractor usually then asks, "Do you know anyone else who may be suffering with back pain that we can help?" While this may work from time to time, the majority of both the chiropractor and patient are frustrated! Why? Because the patient doesn't know anyone with back pain, even though they would love to refer to you, and the chiropractor is frustrated because it appears that his/her patients are not referring! Regardless of the symptom, this is usually the scenario that takes place... try a different line of questioning!

The patient comes into the office exclaiming that they feel so much better... terrific! The DC then asks, "Which came first, the problem... or the pain?" Most patients will say the problem, especially when the DC has made a concerted effort to educate his/her patients, however, if the patient does say pain first, simply point to a dental example... so when your tooth hurts, which came first, the cavity... or the pain? Patients get it, and will say the problem!

"Great...when did you know you had this problem?" The patient will invariably say, "when the pain came, or when it started to hurt!". The DC will then ask, "So, before the pain came, how did you know there was a problem?" The patient will almost always exclaim, "I didn't"... So, Mr./Mrs. Patient, should we wait until your family, friends or co-workers have some type of crisis, pain or even permanency, or, should they simply have a check-up?" The patient will say check-up... let me repeat that... THE PATIENT WILL SAY CHECK-UP! 

The DC will then ask, "did I say they need care?" (Please let's separate the need for care vs. having a check-up which will further produce information and certainty as to why care, may in fact, be necessary)... the Patient will say "NO", you didn't say they need care... DC will then ask again, "What did I say"...and the patient again says, "Check-up"...The DC will then ask, "And what do you think?"...Again, the patient will say, "I think they need a check-up."

Please notice that it's not the DC who emphasized the need for a check-up, but in fact, it was the patient! The patient exclaimed no less than 3 times, that they think a check-up would be beneficial! The chiropractor only has to finish the conversation by asking, "So who do you know that can benefit most from a check-up?" The patient will either be thinking about their own family members, a co-worker or friend and will state their name... Last question by the DC, "Which do you think would more convenient for them to come in... this week or next?"

By targeting a few people each day with a specific dialogue that encourages your patients to think for themselves (with your direction), and with the right intent, tone and pace to your conversation, you will notice a dramatic increase in the flow of your referrals, the type of new patients you really want, and more satisfaction in what you do! Easy... right?!

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