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Posted on 3/10/2012 by Alan Rousso
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What are the first thoughts that enter you mind when you read the words, “Practice Management”.  For some it means help…for others it means strategies…and for others, it creates a disquieting feeling…why?

After 22 years of consulting chiropractors in a variety of capacities, there has been a transition in the way that chiropractors think, speak and act…and this has been a very good thing!

Years ago, practice management companies had specific strategies for procedures, office hours, marketing and scripting for your report of findings, your staff and even perhaps your recommendations! There was absolutely nothing wrong with this because there was a time, when some a semblance of strategies was welcomed since many graduates of chiropractic colleges had no idea how to organize the business side of practice! It filled a very important niche!!!

When information was not as readily available, doing something in a certain way, taught by someone who has achieved great levels of success made a great deal of sense! The problem was, that even at the height of practice management, twenty percent of the members would achieve outstanding results, sixty percent would do okay and twenty percent did fair to poor!

Today, chiropractors are using the information highway in a variety of ways! There are You Tube clips to watch, there are Tele-classes to take, there are e-mails to share, there is Face Book to converse on, there are blogs, there are web-sites, and there is more information than you can shake a stick at!

All of this information has created a plethora of choices for each individual that offer more decisions on what and how to include in their lives and in their practices. This is why it has become increasingly more difficult for chiropractors to get the help they want to improve their practices, increase profitability, assemble the right team, choose the right fees, pick the perfect software, etc.  With all the choices of what to do and how to do it, you always want to make the perfect choice! Know why this is so difficult...because it doesn’t exist! Today…there is no “way”.  It’s your way!!! You just want to make sure you're aligned! Sound familiar?

Whether you work with a consultant, a coach, a group, a mastermind or a practice management firm, please know that all have something to offer to benefit the people they serve.  The only real question is, “What’s right for you?”!

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