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Posted on 11/30/2012 by Alan Rousso
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The other day, a client and I were speaking about the apparent lack of progress that was taking place in the practice.  He was sure that he wanted to grow, but in fact, was using words like frustration, doubt, and even fear when his intended goals were not yet materializing.

As in all consultations, a dialogue began to unfold, questions were asked and something remarkable began to take shape. What was that something “remarkable?”  It was his conversation concerning his vacation!

As his story about his vacation began, he related the details of his trip. It started with the “idea” of going away – somewhere fun and I could feel his energy begin to swell.  Although I couldn’t see him or feel him, the expression on his face and the tone of his voice revealed a very different energy. He was extremely clear about this vacation and how much it meant to him! He then proceeded to tell me that he “planned” this vacation.

Naturally, I asked him what he meant by this, and so he continued with a strange questioning tone as if to say, “of course you have to plan a vacation”.  He related the “exact” plan – the trip to the airport and how he was going to get there, the time of the planes departure, the arrival time of his destination, the transportation aspects once he’d arrived, and even the hotel accommodations – right down to which side of the hotel he would staying in.  When I asked him why it mattered as to which side of the hotel he would be staying in, he said with an assertive determination, “One is the mountain side and the other is the ocean side”. Was this a “big deal”, I asked?  And with that he replied, “OF COURSE”!

The conversation continued and the light bulb inside of his head grew brighter. It was extremely apparent that this young DC had taken extraordinary measures in planning his vacation – down to every detail. He was energized by the thoughts of his vacation, and he was already visualizing the end result in advance. What a concept!
However, the tone, energy, and pace of the conversation changed when I asked him, “So what plans did you make to build your practice?” Silence!  He then gave me an answer typically heard with a hesitant tone that was, “what do you mean?” In other words… he had no plan.

Some DC’s, new and experienced alike, go to “work” with no plan. They have the intent of building their practices, helping more people, and perhaps, making a difference in their communities and attaining their personal goals, however, many have no plan.

How can you take a vacation or build a practice without a plan? Does that plan align with your major purpose, which balances your professional and personal life? What are the resources you would need in order to see your plan reach its fulfillment? These are just a few of the questions that you may choose to ask yourself along with, “what is my attitude towards making these plans?”

How many of us go to practice with that same determination, energy, excitement and purpose that we have when planning a vacation? How many of us look at going to practice as fun – an experience which is totally satisfying, marvelously planned and feeling deliriously happy? “How many of us would really like to What if, just if, we were to get those feelings back again?

What type of practice experience would you have with a specific plan, organized down to the finest details, and executed with speed, efficiency and a “vacation” attitude? Would people “feel” the difference that only YOU can make? Would practices grow and fill up because the energy would be so infectious that you couldn’t keep the patients away? Would stress and “burn-out” disappear and create a brand new paradigm for chiropractic practice…and your life?
Plan your personal and professional life in “exactly” the same way you would plan your vacation. You will have more fun, create better results, and live a happier more fulfilling life!

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