Posted on 6/4/2011 by Alan Rousso
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When you think of the word “leader”, many people think to themselves, “yes”, I am, or “no”, I am not. Truth be told, you are ALL leaders to one degree or another, but leaders you are. 

First, you must lead yourself – by developing a well-defined Purpose, Vision and Mission statement and creating the discipline of personal growth by imaging yourself as the ideal person you want to become – taking stock of where you are now and the behaviors you want to include until your ideal self becomes automatic. Why is this important in leadership? Only then can you become a leader of others which is get people to willingly do what they normally would not do . Identify and meet needs - which means service… which is built on love! 

Leadership used to mean “powering” people. When people think about leadership then often think about someone having dominion over someone else… but this is no longer the standard that true leaders live by. 

Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean power anymore… it means Empowerment by having power with people instead of using your power over people. (Examples include leading by having a great vision, or coaching or pace-setting). It comes form your ability to influence those around you and your practice is just a reflection of your ability to lead…let me explain: 

Leadership today is made up of four domains of Emotional Intelligence which include:

Self-awareness – how you see yourself 
Self-management – how effective you are in taking the action steps toward creating your better self 
Social Awareness – how you relate to others 
Relationship Management – what steps you can take to work better with people

Unless we are aware of our emotions, we won’t know how to control them! 

Here’s the kicker – Leader’s emotions are contagious! Resonate energy and enthusiasm and your practice thrives. Resonate negativity and dissonance and your practice flounders


When you make people feel good about themselves, you actually enhance learning and create new neural pathways that facilitate learning and discovery. This encourages people to want to work with and for you!

When you focus on the gap, or what’s NOT happening, you actually cause people to shutdown, facilitating no new learning and preventing you and those people to having new experiences and change... which is what creates success... learning, adapting and making distinctions! 

In other words – transmit your passion for your mission to others and the passion becomes contagious. 

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

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