It's Not a Straight Line
Posted on 4/5/2013 by Alan Rousso
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When you think about success, business, and growth, or almost anything you'd like to accomplish or have your in life, we tend to think in straight lines. We always seem to want to outpace what we did the day before, the week before, the month before and the year before. It always seems to be about bigger, better and more. Do you find this to be true for you?

Setting goals is a natural, almost automatic process...think about it. If you're doing something physical, you want to run faster, lift more weights or more often, jump higher or be more flexible. If your desire is for getting on a  particular diet or food group, you'll notice how much more attentive you are to what you buy, what you eat, and when you eat it. For business, it's more new patients, more new clients, better communication skills and making more money. These are all worthy goals to strive for!

The resistance or "interference" is when there is attachment to this outcome or when you meet with disappointment. Anyone out there experience that??? You have your plans and something goes completely out of whack! What you noticed is, "It's not a straight line!".

Some people become discouraged and completely give up when their goals are not met in their time frames. Others are so frustrated that their vibration inhibits them from attracting anything they would want to bring into their life. And still others will pick themselves up, brush themselves off and try again...but how often? This is where the four questions can help when setting goals for yourself! Ask yourself:

1. What is the goal? (Clearly please!...I told my coach as a young practitioner that I wanted more money...he gave me a dollar...he said, "Now you have more money!")
2. Why do I want it? (No comply)
3. What happens when I get it? How does your life change? Who benefits?
4. What happens if I don't?! What are the consequences to this?

If you're clear on the answer to these questions when setting your goals, you are much more likely to accomplish them, regardless of the time frames! And; that's the trick! Have the intention for the goal and set the desire, have no expectancy as to when the goal will come to fruition, and you're likely to see it in physical reality sooner than you may have even thought! I get this kind of feedback from clients everyday and have experienced it personally as well...haven't you?!

However, it is NOT a straight line. There are no straight lines. There are no straight lines to success, there are no straight lines to growth, and there are no straight lines to recovery from disappointment, or failure, or accidents, or traumas.

If you can grasp this one concept and apply it to your lives, you will find more peace and happiness which will automatically help you attract the things you want to bring into your life!

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