Health Care Class (Part 2)
Posted on 9/16/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Last week we reviewed the benefits of having a consistent Health Care Class. The benefits included not only having better educated patients, but also the potential for great new patients that now understand why Chiropractic care can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and well-being! We also reviewed how to invite your patients to your class and the results that you'll be sure to attain.

Now that you've got both your patients and your guests at your Special Consultation or Health Care Class, spend about 30-45 minutes on your class reviewing the information that you love most! People buy your enthusiasm and energy, not just your information.  Make it fun, have your current patients testify about the great results that Chiropractic is creating in their lives, and be prepared to invite your guests to become patients! Afterall, you cannot help them if they are not in your practice!!!

Please do NOT offer a "free" examination.  Something for nothing is usually not worth all that much.  While you may want to create a compelling offer for a potential patient to have an examination, the focus is on the service and benefit both you and your office provide, not just the fee that the patient is weighing the balance on. 

Ready for more great new patients? At the end of your Special Consultation, you do not want people to clap, clap, clap, and then walk out your door.  Tell them the why you are sharing this time together.  "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attenting our Special Consultation this evening.  You have heard the benefits of what Chiropractic can offer to you and your family.  I do these consultations for two reasons.  One is to inform and educate our current patients on why the vast majority obtain great results and how freeing the nervous system allows the body to do wonderous things.  The second reason we do this is because we want as many people as possible to know the benefits of what Chiropractic care can offer.  Our invited guests are all entitled to a complete Chiropractic check-up to see how Chiropractic can help you most.  Once you have all the information on the state of both your spine and nervous system, you will be in a much better position to make a decision as to how you can accomplish all your health care goals." 

"Now, did I say you need care?"  The potential patients will answer no! Then ask, "What did I say?"  The potential patients will say check-up.  Then ask, "And what do you think?"  When the patient exclaims, "I think", the chances are that with the positive reinforcement of their friend or family member already being your patient, and the passion and energy you've just shared, the majority will want a check-up!

Remember, when you have the love and emotion that you create in your heart because your focus is on the true benefits of what Chiropractic can provide; this will far outreach any fee that you've decided to accept, and your results will sky rocket ... and so will your practice!

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