Happy and Sad
Posted on 2/24/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Philosophy Personal Growth

If you ask someone, "Can you be happy and sad at the same time?” the majority of people would probably say no! You decide!

A lone traveler was riding his horse through the dark of night in the middle of the desert. All of a sudden there was a loud voice that filled his ears with a terrifying tone and the following instructions ... "Get off your horse!" The man was shaken to his core as he quickly dismounted his horse. The night was so dark that he could not see a thing nor did he know what or where this voice had come from.

The next thing he heard were the following instructions, "Pick up stones!"  The man desperately groped for some stones and put them in his pocket with his heart pounding and his hands shaking! He had no idea what was happening or why! Soon after he picked up some stones the voice yelled with an even a louder tone, "NOW RIDE"!!!

The man, still shaking and sweating profusely, quickly mounted his horse and rode straight through the night. He was so terrified that he did not stop until the light of dawn.  Slowly, his horse came to a stop and the man dismounted his horse, sat down, took a deep breath and sighed.  What had happened? What was that all about?

The man was so pre-occupied with the thoughts of what had happened that he forgot about the stones he picked up. Why was he instructed to pick up stones? He reached into his pockets and noticed that the stones were diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires! This horrible nightmare had turned into an unimaginable dream come true!

And so, the man was happy that he had picked up stones ... and sad that he did not pick up more!!!

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