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Posted on 5/21/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Isn't practice great?! Sure it is! New patients are coming into Chiropractic offices now more than ever…you see television commercials spouting the benefits of Chiropractic care…more and more patients are realizing that being well is so much better than just being not sick…it’s all great…except when it’s not!

You know when it’s NOT great? It’s not great when you keep getting those pesky objections and you feel like you're pedaling backwards! What about the money, the time, I want another opinion, my insurance doesn’t cover, etc…Wouldn’t it be great if you were totally prepared to answer those questions and actually feel like you’re back in control instead of feeling like you’re reeling? 

You may be thinking…how are you going to help me with all the objections that I get in practice? There are so many and some are even bizarre! Yes, they certainly are…however, when you distill it down, there are really only a few objections that you want to know about that can basically handle almost any objection you will ever receive…let’s review one of them now!

While more and more Chiropractic offices are turning larger and larger percentages of their practices to cash, many are still in the trenches of dealing with insurance and the challenges that come with being or not being a provider! The very first one is usually handled by your CA or other staff member when a New Patient calls your office asking the following question, “Are you on my panel?” The perspective patient rarely identifies him or herself and is basically only interested on whether their visit will be covered! 

If you are a participating provider or take the insurance then the answer is easy! For those offices that are choosing not to participate with a particular carrier, the conversation can be much more challenging…here are a few suggestions. First, the perspective patient found your name from somewhere! Does it then make sense for your CA or staff member to ask the first question which would be, “How did you hear about the doctor?”…In other words…TURN THE CONVERSATION AROUND BY ASKING A QUESTION, RATHER THAN ANSWERING ONE! 

Have the CA be truly curious and interested as to how and why the patient called you! They must need something and we want to help them get it! Once the patient has answered the question with, “I found the doctor from a referral, or I saw the doctor lecture six months ago, or he/she was the closest in the yellow pages”… have the CA ask the following question, “What seems to be the problem?” Notice how we are re-directing the conversation to engage the patient to find out how WE can truly help this person. 

The patient will more than likely answer the question because they want to tell you their story. This is when a CA can be invaluable to your practice! After listening to the story, the CA can say,“Wow, I can see that you’ve been suffering and Dr... is expert at this type of condition. “Would you like to come in today or tomorrow... morning or afternoon... ten o’clock or 11 o’clock? 

More often than not, the patient will feel the present time consciousness, love and support by the front desk person and will make the appointment. If you have a perspective patient that just wants to know whether or not you take their insurance, the CA can also say, “Mr./Mrs. Patient, “The doctor has many patients with that type of insurance and the consultation is no charge so that both you and the doctor can decide if you’re in the right place. If you decide to continue with an examination, the fee can range from 50-100, depending on your case and health care needs… when would you like to come in? 

While you may not have every new perspective patient make an appointment, you will be pleasantly surprised as to the number of people that WILL make the appointment. This procedure is certainly better than having your CA simply answer NO; the doctor is not on the panel! 

Once a patient is in your office and participates on receiving a consultation, examination and whatever other tests you deem appropriate, the area that is somewhat challenging and can lend itself to a variety of objections is the Report of Findings! 

Objections can occur as a result of fear, doubt, money issues, time, spousal feedback, etc… the objections are almost endless. The skilled Chiropractor can squelch the greater majority of these objections by remembering one simple thing… repeat this mantra after me… ”How can I help…how can I serve?” “How can I help”… how can I serve?” 

When the focus becomes the patient rather than on how YOU will benefit, or whether they will accept YOU, you will have a much greater chance of not only answering in a more effective way, but energetically, the patient will know that your heart is in the right place! 

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