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Posted on 2/12/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Did you know that life can be viewed as simply a series of messages coming toward you, but is every message obvious? Are the messages visual? Verbal? Physical sensations? Yes, yes, yes! And messages come in other formats also. Most of us know how to recognize and respond to lessons, problems and crises. Messages are more subtle. you may need to listen more and feel even deeper so that you turn these messages into opportunities. I interpret these messages as my intuition.

Every message is really a request to change or evolve. We very ofter hear these messages and ignore them. Then, they become lessons, then problems, then crises! then we respond! Why not respond to the messages in the first place when we first hear them!?

I know it sounds easy to suggest this... however, I have wonderful faith in you and I know this: the choice for our life is to be what you want or to be an eternal student of lessons, an expert solver of problems or a resilient coper of crises! (anything sound inviting?)

1. Act on inklings - an inkling is a hint, a slight intimation, a tiny suggestion, or a stirring. Inklings precede intuition!

2. Trust your peripheral vision - check out what you see at the corner of your eye.

3. Leverage chance - many say there are no accidents... check it out!

4. Notice something new that you said - you know how sometimes things just come out - maybe it's an indication that it's time for a change in your thinking, goals or lifestyle! 

Here are some questions for discussion...

1. What am I resisting?
2. What is the lesson here?
3. Am I losing energy to this?
4. Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?
5. What do I need to do now?

Remember...there are two things that can change your life!

1. A shift in perspective...and you gain shift from the books you read and the people you meet!

2. A crisis!... A wonderful teacher... but not necessarily your first choice!

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