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Posted on 1/3/2014 by Alan Rousso
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Are you one of millions of people who have made New Year's resolutions? Isn't it interesting how many people want to be a better version of themselves? Most people are aware that there is room to grow fact, a great question to ask yourself is, "If I see myself as the best version of me, what changes would I love to make?" , or, "How close are you to the best version of yourself?"

What's interesting about those questions are that client answers are usually assessed at no more than fifty percent of their best image of themselves! That means there is a lot of room for growth!

Remember that the best image of you is a moving target! What works for you today may have completely different priorities months or years from now! Start with the best vision of on one thing at a time and make a one percent improvement which is described by the word "Kaizen."

The energy created by just starting will reveal amazing results! Watch!

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Future Diary
In 1983, Mark Victor Hansen came to a Markson Management Services seminar and handed everyone a book with nothing in it. He called it Future Diary.

He then proceeded to tell us to write down everything we wanted as if it were already true...hence future diary.

I remember writing 5 things down that I really wanted, never thinking or believing that any of them would come true. All five did!

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In Their Own Words ...

"Every once in a while you meet someone who makes such an impact in your life that you are forever changed. For me that person was Dr. Alan Rousso. The minute I met Alan I knew that he had the ability to facilitate growth in my life and that is exactly what he did. Alan helped me to see my life through different eyes and to shift my perspective. He took me out of my comfort zone and into my growth zone. Alan Rousso is a phenomenal coach who has a burning desire to assist others in continued growth and that is exactly what he does. Coaching with Alan will put you on the fast track for success, so get ready and hold on tight!"
—Dr. Martha Nessler
Springfield, Ill.
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