Failure and Success
Posted on 5/25/2012 by Alan Rousso
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Did you know that the most successful people in life are also the biggest failures?! How many of us are so afraid to fail, yet in retrospect, how many of your current successes are due to distinctions you've made from failing.

There are countless stories of famous men and women who have surmounted tremendous struggle, only to find themselves on the other side of success. Yet how many of us are unwilling to fail to succeed!

Let's face it...failing does not feel all! When speaking with my clients, I always let them know that I was the biggest loser! I also learned that failure hates persistence. After spending 33 years in Chiropractic, I can tell you that most of those years were spent failing!

There was a saying at a seminar that I went to many years ago, and the speaker said, "Within every failure are the seeds of success".  When I first heard this, my inner dialogue was, "yeah, sure!"

However, time offers new perspectives.  Many of the failures I encountered were actually stepping stones to the next level of achievement and service to Chiropractic and to Chiropractors!

Remember, a coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear and shows you what you don't want to see! Yet no one wants to be poked where it hurts as it is a reminder of what is not right!

Acknowledge your failures! Then learn to succeed!

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