Posted on 2/15/2013 by Alan Rousso
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How many times have you heard the expression, "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself!" This may be right (probably not), but you may inhibit your ability to grow!
Most of you that read these blogs know that there are two factors that grow your practice or your business. One is attraction! Attraction is measured by the amount of new business that is coming in, as well as, the amount of income that you are generating. If these statistics are rising, then you're probably attractive...congratulations!

The other factor is capacity which is the ability to handle the amount of business that you are currently attracting! If you find that new business keeps coming in, yet the bottom keeps falling out, then you don't necessarily need more new business or more new patients, you 'll want to know why your capacity isn't larger. What are the factors preventing you from handling the business you're currently attracting? One of them is you simply may be doing too much!

Many people are so used to doing what they do, that one forgets that 80% of what you do generates 20% of your business and 20% of what you do generates 80% of your business! Now that I have your attention, make a list of all the things you are currently doing and ask yourself some key questions:
 1. Do I have to do this?
 2. Can I delegate this?
 3. Can I delay this?
 4. Can I get rid of it all together?

The key for all business owners to grow to the next level is to delegate as much as possible to great employees!
Offer specific training to your employees to share the same vision that you have created, with great service and a willingness to take  more off your plate. This will most assuredly lead you and your business in the right direction by helping you to create more space! After all, if you just keep doing...all you get is do do!
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