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A Chiropractic Viewpoint
Posted on 8/30/2013 by Alan Rousso
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After speaking with hundreds and hundreds of Chiropractors, it's always interesting to see the diversity of opinions of how Chiropractic is actually practiced in individual offices.
Some are more musculoskeletal based, some are more subluxation based, and some do both or none at all!

Regardless of recommendations, opinions, beliefs or means of practice, there's always one question that I pose that seems to resonate with everyone.
That question is, "Do you think that periodic check-ups are good thing?"

If you keep statistics in your practice, you'll notice specific trends over long periods of time.
One of those statistics is called PVA or Patient Visit Average.
This information will simply tell you how often a patient returns to your office on average.

Some chiropractors believe that this number is a negative statistic because you need to give a certain number of office visit recommendations to have a high PVA!
This is simply not the case.

Whether you think visit to visit, care plans or a lifestyle, people still have physical, chemical and emotional stress in their lives...every single day.
This stress accumulates onto the nervous system resulting in adaptation...sometimes we adapt well...sometimes we don't!

When you speak with your patients, tell them I never heard anyone wake up and exclaim, "Wow...my teeth feel great today...I think I'll call my dentist and quit!"
Check-ups are a good thing and tell your patients why!
Their lives will be better...and so will yours!
23 Years of Consulting Experience for Your Practice...
Personal Certified Coaching for Your Life!

Show and Tell Posted on 4/26/2013 by Alan Rousso
Categories: New Patients Communication Skills Procedures

When was the last time you examined a patient? Regardless of how you practice, you probably did what you always do, and, you probably do it quite well!
The only problem here is that the patient may not know what you're doing!

While speaking wit...

Three Magic Words Posted on 2/1/2013 by Alan Rousso
Categories: New Patients Communication Skills Procedures

If you're in business, you have the opportunity to serve and help people in a variety of ways...It doesn't matter if you're a health care professional, a banker, real estate agent or whatever else aligns with your life purpose. As long as you’re aligned...

Seven Steps to a Better Business Posted on 8/4/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: New Patients Procedures Marketing

Every chiropractor loves it when the CA cries out, "New Patient!" or "New client"! or "New Practice Member"! So many chiropractors and all businesses want more business. Sometimes, the amount of new patients we receive or don't receive, reflect an attit...

Consultation Considerations Posted on 4/13/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: New Patients Communication Skills Procedures
As seen in ChiroEconomics


Regardless of how you choose to practice, make sure your patient communications align with your purpose, vision, and mission.



Say What? Posted on 10/21/2011 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Personal Growth Coaching Distinctions Procedures
How many people wake up each morning and do an affirmation?  I mean you're either waking up and saying,  "Good morning God!", or you're waking up saying, "Good God, its morning." When this was first introduced to me, I literally scoffed...

Health Care Class (Part 2) Posted on 9/16/2011 by Alan Rousso
Categories: New Patients Communication Skills Procedures

Last week we reviewed the benefits of having a consistent Health Care Class. The benefits included not only having better educated patients, but also the potential for great new patients that now understand why Chiropractic care can contribute to a heal...

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