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Coloring Books
Posted on 2/16/2014 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Personal Growth Coaching Distinctions

Remember coloring? Maybe it was years ago. Perhaps you have the pleasure of doing it with your children now. Were you the kind of person that colored outside the lines, or were you compelled to stay within the lines? Were there any emotions around going out of the lines; or what if someone else did?

The lines on a simple coloring book can tell us something. Do you have a desire to step or color outside the lines, or do you tend to remain safe within the outline of the picture?

Lines are in all avenues of our lives. Sometimes we cross them, sometimes we don't dare! Sometimes new lines need to be drawn! Are you clear on your lines?

Sometimes the line can be muddled. Sometimes there is no line at all to follow. Everyone says, "Look within!", and sometimes you just need to reach out!

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Maybe Posted on 11/8/2013 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Philosophy Personal Growth

Years ago in ancient China, you were considered to be wealthy if you owned a farm and a horse!
The people of the village would exclaim, "My, how lucky you are to own a farm and a horse"!, to which the man would reply, "maybe".

One day the horse...

The Wheel Posted on 5/31/2013 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Personal Growth Coaching Distinctions

What if there was a way to find out what the different areas of your life look like for you to view objectively? Well, there is!
Draw a circle. Now, place seven spokes in the circle so that it represents or looks like a wheel. Next, label the seven ...

Shift or Crisis Posted on 12/14/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Philosophy Personal Growth

In September of 1981, I attended a personal development seminar and heard a famous guest speaker by the name of Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. He had become one of the few life insurance salesman to sell over a million dollars worth of policies to clients;...

Planning Your Vacation Posted on 11/30/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories New Patients Coaching Distinctions

The other day, a client and I were speaking about the apparent lack of progress that was taking place in the practice.  He was sure that he wanted to grow, but in fact, was using words like frustration, doubt, and even fear when his intended goals ...

A Human Biography Posted on 8/31/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Personal Growth Coaching Distinctions

Chapter 1

I walk down the street.
I fall into a hole.
Its dark, it's scary.
It takes me a long time to get out, but eventually,
I get out.

Chapter 2

I walk down the street.
I see the hole. I fall into the hole.&nb...

The Hot Dog Salesman Posted on 6/9/2012 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Metaphoric Stories Philosophy Coaching Distinctions

Harry was a successful hot dog salesman.  Every day he would prepare for his customers by buying buns and hot dogs to feed his hungry customers. Harry was proud of the business he had built and was most proud of being able to send his son Aaron to ...

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