Posted on 4/18/2014 by Alan Rousso
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When was the last time you went shopping? As you go about searching for exactly the right things that you want, you'll probably also notice prices. Is the item cheap or expensive? That depends on contrast!

When you go to buy a shirt, car, or health care, the fee for the item is relative to the prices you've been searching. For example:
Let's say you visited one store and a shirt you found was $40. OK! Now you go to another store and see the same shirt for $80! Is it expensive? Was the shirt for $40 expensive??? What if you shopped at the store and found the shirt for $80 and then visited the store that was selling the shirt for $40?! You might think you were getting a bargain!

The same thing is true when you're presenting your care plans! How much is it to have a baby these days with a mid-wife...probably around four to five thousand dollars! How much is it to put braces on your children's teeth? Probably about five thousand dollars!

When you present these fees to a patient and then ask a question, "how much do you think it'll cost to slow down, stop, and reverse as many of the changes and damage that you've already accumulated over the past number of years? The patient is probably thinking four to five thousand dollars!

You can then easily state, "No, the care is only $... Name you fee! Anything less than what you just presented will seem relatively inexpensive!

If you state your fee, like, our fee is $50 a visit, and then present how many visits the patient will need, the patient is multiplying the numbers and you went from small to large! That's why many people exclaim, "Wow, that’s expensive!"

Use the tool of contrast to start with higher fees and then present a lower one to the patient! Watch how many more people will be pleased to start care with far less financial hassles!

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