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Posted on 3/1/2013 by Alan Rousso

If you were to ask a business owner, a chiropractor, CA’s, or anyone else for that matter, “Would you like to be more successful?” the resounding answer would most likely be yes!  If you were to go on to explain that people just do better with a coach to help them with their personal and professional goals, some will emphatically say, “Of course I want a coach”, while others may never entertain the idea or opportunity. 

There are basically two styles of coaching.  The first, and most familiar type of coaching, is better known as consulting or advising.  This is where you ask the coach questions and you rely on the experience and expertise of your coach for their answer.  The only problem with this is; it may not be YOUR answer! 

While this type or style of communication can be effective, it is still consulting.  A consultant will answer the questions that you ask.  Problems arise when the coaching client runs out of things to ask, or are not even aware of the questions that they could ask to obtain a different result.  This is probably the biggest reason that people may not get the results from consulting that they are seeking!

Let’s say you hire a coach to help you with your business and you want to grow.  You call your “consultant” and he/she gives you a plethora of ideas, action steps and procedures for you to obtain more new patients or more business.  In other words, they gave you suggestions! Do you act on them?  Do you follow through? 

If you were asked how to get more new patients or expand your business, you would answer with at least a dozen different ways to obtain more than your share of new patients.  Here’s your coaching question, “Now that you know what to do…do you do it, and if so, how are you doing it?”

This opens up a completely different discussion…doesn’t it? Most people know what to do, but they’re not doing it.  There are plenty of reasons for not doing it, all good ones in fact…but reasons don’t count, do they?  Results are what count! In other words, knowing the way is not going the way!

While there is no right or wrong with coaching vs. consulting and each has its place in helping people obtain results, coaching is NOT consulting!  Coaching evokes you finding out more about you, your values and goals, as well as, what really holds you back from obtaining results and being fulfilled. 

When you discover the answers that are inheritantly within that both support and challenge you to new heights of achievement, both personal and professional experiences begin to change…for the better! 

So, if you're looking to grow, you don't need a coach...but you may want one!

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