Closing the Deal
Posted on 7/2/2011 by Alan Rousso
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Sales are what virtually drives every business and ultimately separates the average companies from the most successful ones. We sell directly or indirectly every time we have an encounter with a patient or a potential patient.

1) Criteria and Traits needed to be highly effective in closing Positive Mindset - You need a positive frame work and belief in what you’re saying or selling to the point that you almost believe the prospect can’t live without it. (i.e. Car salesman says “you have to have this car, it’s so you”)… We can say “This care is absolutely something that fits your needs” or “This care is perfect for you.” Others pick up your feelings and thoughts through the way you’re being when you talk… It’s hard to sell what you don’t own or what you perceive to be invaluable yourself.

2) Enthusiasm-
Enthusiasm accounts for 51% of all sales. People buy from excitement, impulse and emotional engagement. Prospects get excited themselves about what it is you’re excited about. Sales are usually the transfer of your enthusiasm and energy. STAY EXCITED.

3) Friendship-
All successful sales are based on the “friendship factor.” When prospects think you are acting in their best interest and if you understand their concerns, prospects will buy quicker. a) We don’t buy from people we don’t like even if you want the product they have. b) Make prospects feel good about themselves and they will like you more. c) To makes someone feel good about themselves and hence like you more…complement them whenever possible. (i.e. You dress like a real winner.)

4) Persistence and Patience-
80% of sales takes five encounters before the prospects are ready to be closed… so don’t give up and stay patient. Patience comes off to prospects as if you care more about them. Don’t get frustrated because frustration will change your form. a) Only 10% of all sales people make more then one contact with potential clients. This is why 90% of all sales people are floundering in their jobs.

5) Creating Perceived Value-
This is the amount someone is willing to pay because of how they perceive the item. This is based on their values. The “actual value” is the true value or cost of something. Perceived value is the only reason people buy items that are overpriced or what they perceive as expensive. (i.e. expensive homes, cars, clothes, restaurants or even coaching services.) The value versus cost has to be owned by you. You have to feel the care has or would have helped you or them much more than it costs you or them. a) Your perceived value has to be higher than their perceived value. Give examples (French Restaurant, or an exclusive area to live). b) Is based on what the prospects values are… if you know more about them, you can change their perception about the value attached to any item.

If you talk money first they don’t hear the benefits or perceived value. If a prospect asks what it costs, ask them a question like…what do you know about Chiropractic care?

7) Our Unique Selling Point-
Prospects want to know what makes you different and how will that help them. Don’t put competitors down. It makes you look unprofessional.

8) Breaking the Preoccupation of Your Prospect-
and at the same time get their attention or they will not hear you. The best and fastest way to get someone’s attention is to ask a question that peaks their curiosity. Get someone curious by asking them a question as simple as… a) Can I ask a question about you? b) Can I ask a question about your health?

9) Build Rapport Quickly-
once you have gotten their attention: a) You can use Matching and Mirroring- match their physiology, tone and speed of their talking. b) Determine if they are auditory, visual or kinesthetic. c) Determine if they are Driver, Expressive, Analytical or Amiable. The more you can be like them the more they will like you. People like people like themselves.

10) Artful Questioning-
Allows you to gather information used for leveraging.

11) Leveraging your Prospect-
a) Use information gathered from the entrance form and questioning. b) Listen closely to their answers and try to determine if they move toward pleasure or away from pain. c) Leveraging is the ultimate tool used to set them up to finally close. d) Leveraging is using the information gathered and putting it in a question form that leads the prospect to the realization that they need you.

12) Closing the Deal-
If you have gathered the right info and start using it as leverage then you can finally ask them closing questions like: a) Would you like to start care to improve your health and well-being of just to alleviate your pain and suffering? b) What would be better for you, coming in this week or next for an appointment? Closing techniques are different for each of us, however, by applying some of the suggestions in this article, you may find your percentages of closing potential patients begins to improve while helping both the patient and you to get more of what you really want!

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