Boundaries, Are Yours Clear?
Posted on 4/30/2011 by Alan Rousso
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You probably know that you have things in your life that are acceptable...and there are things in your life that you tolerate, or are unacceptable. Why is it that without boundaries, we tend to live more in effect than in our own cause?

Without boundaries, you are like seaweed in the sea being tossed from side to side, living your life according to others needs and wants. You may have very clear boundaries when it comes to the policies of your business or practice, only to discover that you have had your boundaries tested at home...or vice versa. 

Boundaries are necessary for your own personal development and it is very difficult for you to reach your true potential without them...So the question begs itself..."Are you clear on ALL your boundaries?"

Let's identify some boundary examples:

* No one can yell at you
* People cannot push you into doing something you don't want to do
* People cannot dump on you (how much is enough here?)
* People not honoring what is important to you

Decide the one thing you are no longer going to allow and that people can no longer do or not do around you. Make it one that you believe will have an immediate impact on all of your future decisions and behavior because it is emotionally important to you!

Boundaries give you the room you need to be yourself... after all, who else can you be? You inherently know this, yet without identification of your boundaries, you are not yourself, but living out the expectations and behavior of others...When you experience this (and we all have), ask yourself..."How does this help me?" You will quickly realize the answer... new and clearer boundaries will be established and you will be able to grow again!

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