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Posted on 4/9/2011 by Alan Rousso

The most useless thing to do... Worry. 
The greatest joy... Giving.
The greatest loss... Self-respect. 
The most satisfying work... Helping others.
The ugliest personality trait... Selfishness.
The most endangered species... Dedicated leaders. 
The most important people... Your family.
The greatest "shot in the arm"... Encouragement.
The greatest problem to overcome... Fear.
The most effective sleeping pill... Peace of mind. 
The most crippling failure disease... Excuses.
The most powerful force in life... Love.
The world’s most incredible computer... Your brain. 
The worst thing to be without... Hope. 
The deadliest weapon... The tongue. 
The two most powerful words..."I can." 
The greatest asset... Faith. 
The most worthless emotion... Self-pity. 
The most prized possession... Integrity. 
The most beautiful attire... Your smile. 
The most contagious spirit... Enthusiasm. 
The most important thing in life... GOD.
Author - Unknown
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He then proceeded to tell us to write down everything we wanted as if it were already true...hence future diary.

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"Alan's program is completely different and he has earned the title as being the 'best chiropractic coach from his peers.' His secret to success is that he is a master at identity based coaching which will help you develop insight, confidence and love. As you become more aware of who you are, you will effortlessly attract more people who align with your purpose.

Since beginning with Alan almost three years ago, I have consistently set practice records in almost every category month after month. This trend still continues in my third year.

My only recommendation for a personal consultant/life coach would be Alan Rousso."
—Joe Fanning, D.C.
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