10 Action Steps to Grow Your Practice Now!
Posted on 5/7/2011 by Alan Rousso
Categories: Specific Staff Training New Patients Procedures

1. Examine everything in your office from the point of view of a new patient. 

Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable? Make everything from your signs to your chairs as warm and inviting as possible. If necessary, spruce it up!

2. Make your reception area beautiful. Get rid of old magazines and low-grade chiropractic literature! Put art on the walls. 

3. Contact three former patients this week. 

Show interest, find out how they are doing, get feedback on the service you provided. Make it a normal part of your service to follow-up after 30 to 90 days. 

4. Contact three recent referral sources and thank them! 

Send flowers, a card or take them to lunch. When people help build your business, view them as partners and reward them graciously. 

5. Review your business card, stationery and brochures. Do they talk to patients? Do they excite? Do they invite people to take action and schedule an appointment? 

6. Buy a year at a glance wall calendar and plan your marketing and business strategies in advance. Nothing succeeds like planning – and following your plan! 

7. Make sure every patient leaves every appointment with a firm handshake, a warm smile and a gracious, genuine, thank you! 

8. Spend 10 minutes every day thinking about your ideal patient and clarifying exactly what you do that adds value, makes them excited and serves their needs. You know what you do…do your clients know and understand the value of your skills and services? 

9. Develop a 10-15 word statement of what you do and why it is valuable that is crystal clear and powerful. Then practice saying it! This week, tell five friends, neighbors or strangers what you do and that you want more patients. 

10. Take wonderful care of yourself! A healthy, balanced life is extremely attractive! 

Be sure your patients can look to you as an example of a healthy, vibrant life. Be someone they enjoy being around!

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